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Visited van Gogh Museum; it's worth a visit!

I visited the official van Gogh museum in Amsterdam after visiting the big brother (Rijksmuseum) before. Seeing multiple museums simply is too much for me.

So; what did I think of it? I think it's much worth a visit. Of course van Gogh is a little bit cooler to me

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Another busy weekend - Eindhoven & Antwerp

I've had another busy weekend, visiting friends and travelling to see the beautiful Antwerp. A friend was visiting The Netherlands from Poland and as such I had to say hi of course.

After a fun evening we decided to visit Antwerp since she'd not been there and frankly it had

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First run of the season behind my back!

It's middle of february and my wife and I wanted to start running again; it's time! With that in mind we shopped around for some good running gear and just went for it.

We started running together in spring last year, running normally 5km a couple of times a week

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Sightseeing in The Netherlands

In the last couple of weeks I visited Maastricht, The Hague, Rotterdam and various other cities. There is quite some nice towns in The Netherlands but Dutch people don't like to travel around for some reason. I don't understand why.

Exploring and seeing new things such as castles, new cities

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